How to get Migration Certificate of Tribhuvan University (TU)?

This article will tell you in detail on 

How to get the Migration Certificate of Tribhuvan University (TU).

First of all, mind that once you get a migration certificate then your link to TU is almost finished. So, you must match all the data and correct any errors in any of the documents issued from TU before you apply for the migration. It is because when you walk out with a migration certificate none of your data could be corrected or edited. For example, sometimes your date of birth might be different in the transcript and in the degree certificate. You should match them before applying for the migration certificate. Sometimes, there are spelling errors, errors in the father’s name, etc. In my case, the TU registration number was different. The number in the TU registration slip was different from that written in the transcript. They told me to bring copies of all the four-year mark sheets, and a form obtained from the inquiry section with a voucher of Rs 100 / per document. 

I applied and they issued a new transcript with the correct information, after cancelling the older one. After that, I applied or the migration certificate.

Here is the a to z steps to obtain the Migration Certificate.

1.       Get a format of the letter from the inquiry section. Or else you can download the form from HERE. Print it and fill the information. The JPEG file of that form is illustrated here:

2.       Go to your college or campus. Get the letter signed by the campus chief or the person in authority in the place where it is written. Campus may seek a proof like a character certificate or transcript to have it signed.

3.       Get the letter stamped with the official seal of your campus.

4.       Pay Rs. 1000 /- rupees in the extension counter of Kritipur Branch of Nepal Bank Limited. (It lies inside the premises of Exam Controller's office, Balkhu in the first building when we go up from the door). Global IME counter is on the front fa├žade where as Nepal Bank Limited counter is to the South side. While paying the amount, have the letter (or the form) stamped with the bank seal.

Now, before you go to room number 24, you should have the following documents to submit:


2.       TU Registration Slip (if you don’t have it, you should pay Rs. 1200/- instead of 1000/-

3.       The form (signed by campus chief)

4.       Voucher (Rs. 1000/- for all levels (Inter, Bachelor and Masters). In case you don’t have registration slip the voucher amount is Rs. 1200/-

Obviously, 10AM to 1 PM is the rush hour and there might be a bit crowd. So, if you have all the documents prepared in advance, consider to go to the office after lunch (2PM). You should go to Room no. 24, they will take your voucher and enter your number in a big book with phone number and signature. Then they will send you to room no. 21. This is the room where your migration certificate is printed. You, again, should go to room no.24, but this time to another table (at the next corner). The controller will sign the migration certificate. You are done. This process will approximately take around 15-20 minutes. In the "required documents notice" there is clearly written that students should have recommendation letter from the campus chief and transcript. But they don't care even if you don't have. However, take a copy of your transcript, just in case.

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Unknown said…
Printed form is accepted or not ?
Unknown said…
Same district kai different college ma change huda
TC ligna pauxa ki nai??
Unknown said…
drop out bhako and aba feri bachelor's join garna lako in different college bhani TU bata registration garni kasari? Please help me if you have any idea.
Unknown said…
If maile euta kunai stream ma TU ma admission garey paxi tyo admission cancel garera migration nikaley (+2 ko) vanepaxi maile feri arko stream ma TU ma admission garna pauxu ki nai?
Pauchha....tara you will be treated as a new student. So, new TU registration number will be assigned to you.
YojanaPlan said…
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Unknown said…
Brother, Masters padirako bela migration certificate nikalna milxa bhaira try garna ko lagi? And, paxi yedi visa lagena vaney feri firta garera padna milxa or nai, ki gap hunxa?
Unknown said…
Dashain tihar ko bela office khulla hunxa ki banda hunxa Chaat sammai?
Unknown said…
Voli khulxa ki khuldaina migration banauna janalai
Unknown said…
Is it possible to get back my migration certificate submitted to tu university after dropout?
hedrox said…
Maile bachelor baisakh ma join gareko ani tespaxi maile registraion form varda kheri college ma migration certificate diyeko thiye , aba maile tyo firta pauna TU janu parne vanyo k k garnu parxa vandinus na ! need help.
Unknown said…
kati din lagxa migration back pauna ko lagi
Unknown said…
BBS pass garne tenure sakiyo feri bachelor join garna clz admission garna milxa puranai registration number le ki new register garnu parxa??