About me

Who I am is a great misnomer because, in the past, I was, at times, confused with Rabindra Adhikari, the leader of one of political parties of Nepal, who now has become just a history. What else did I not do for my separate identity? I swapped by name and surname to become Adhikari Rabindra. I wrote hundred plus articles on national newspapers under the same swapped modal. But now, I have come to original Rabindra Adhikary; the 'y' in the Adhikary is again remodeled to indicate I am I, not that fellow in the past.

I started writing since I was a kid. Back then I wrote fiction and poetry in native language. The journey of my English writing, nonetheless, instigated in the year 2006, when as a student group we started a monthly optometry magazine called "Drishti" basically conceptualized to be pasted on different boards, walls and corners of TU teaching hospital premises and library. Since it was a novel concept, it grabbed a great readership.  

Things were pretty tough back then because to access the internet we have to wait hours for our turn in the TUTH library. Nobody did have cellphones, computers or laptops. Simply put, we are from the floppy disc era. So, I used to quickly devour the lunch and flee away to the library's computer room because it was a high time that one could get a chance to find an empty seat. That was then I started blogging. But honestly, I did not know the term blogging. Wordpress and googlepages were the ones I knew and used. In 2007, I wrote the first blog at ravinems.blogspot.com which is being used until now. 

Now all the contents of ravinems.blogspot.com has been redirected to rabindraadhikary.com.np and all the credits go to Kiran Subedi, who helped me a lot to start this endeavor. I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart. 

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