How to get rid of Nepali Devanagiri Fonts in English websites?

There is this problem, sometimes, that when you try to open a website which is supposedly in English, the screen displays the contents like this:

Devanagiri Font for English
You get to see this type of unintelligible Nepali font instead of English

So, what can you make out from this gibberish language? This is just the straightaway conversation of English to Devnagiri font, nothing else.

How to get rid of this?

This is basically caused due to a font that automatically synced to some of the websites in order to display the content. The name of the font is "EPC Normal". To get rid of this problem, follow the order sequentially as:

Go to C: Drive >> Windows >> Fonts

When you are side the "Fonts" folder, simply type "E" from the keyboard and look for EPC Font (as illustrated in the picture above). You have to delete this font. 

Now close the browser and reopen it. Viola!!! Your problem is gone.

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