My Most Fives

I am not giving a speech but I hereby would like to share a few things that I have been doing which to many extent I believe has changed me from within and they would be also a matter of ''not ever thought of'' idea for many.


1. A categorical 'No' with the cold drinks

For the last two years I haven't celebrated anything with a cold drink in my hands. Yes, I have completely abandoned consuming any cold beverages like Coke, Fanta, Pepsi or the suchlike. Out of the scorching heat of the summer days these drinks would have been my favorite things or I would savor the bits of taste by​ grogging​​ on​ the cold drinks in any party events. I don't throw you a sermon demanding you not to drink the cold drinks but I request you if you do then please run a distance of at least one and a half kilometers and return for every 355 ml of sweet drinks like Coca-Cola. I feel so ashamed to see that our kitchen cupboards have been replaced by the synthetic bottles of half-filled sweet beverages instead of milk, curd or yoghurt which according to our culture were the 'organic' cold drinks for generations.


2. Focus on Nepalese product as much as you can

Quite recently, not more than a year now, I mostly wear Gold Star shoes, which is the foot apparel prepared by the Nepali Company. Since it has an array of products in different categories with ranges of prices, designs and trends, you can perfectly fit in to provide for your choice, then why simply covet for a simulated Chinese product in the names of popular brands? So, as much as possible, it is good to promote the business operating within your own country that has been one component of stanchion for the economic growth of the country. It not only pays taxes to the government, at the same time it gives opportunities for the Nepali citizens for exploring their career furthermore. I am not advertising for the Gold Star, it was just an example. For people with high affordability and yearning for quality there might be Sonam or Sherpa products. This is again an example to simply mean that there are many Nepalese products that are available there but you might not know till now. You have to explore to see your choice. It is simply to say that you will ​be ​serving your country more as you wear the Nepalese products.

While it is simply not always possible, I would like to prescribe the Nepalese brands of medicines/drugs and also would seek the Nepalese replacement of the drugs as I go to buy ones in a drug store.


3. Refueling your vehicle from a public gas station

I always refuel my vehicle from a petrol pump that has institutional​​ ownership. For example, 99% of the time I refuel my motorbike from Sajha Petrol Pump, and rarely from Army or Armed Police 's Petrol pumps. On only rarest of the rare occasions I had to refuel from a privately owned fuel station. Institutional growth is directly related to the country's growth. In a developed country, the social institutions are very strong not because the country is rich but because the social institutions are strong the country has become rich. So, you purchase the fuel from institutions like Sajha or Sashastra, then instead of personal growth, an institution will grow. 

Also, it evokes some doubt in my mind as I have been spectator of the cases of fraud by the owners of gas/fuel station in the past that they have been frequently arraigned after raids from the government when their stations are rigged with system that displays the falsified reading for the low amount of refueling. How can I trust them fully when the raids are nowadays also done not unbeknownst to the stakeholder? But I can trust the gas station with institutional ownership because they run with salaried staff​​ with a universal system and not a single person will benefit from the business unlike in the total private modality of ownership.


4. Support the bootstrapping business

Today you don't have to run very far to see the flamboyant restaurants: standing alone or​ being run from a chain. They will charge you painfully higher for the surroundings you spend the time in than for the actual food ​you will geton the plates. The court has ruled out that they can't impose extra bills for the VAT and the service charges beyond the amount written in the menu but that does not happen in everyday practice. You order food costing 200 rupees from the menu and you will end up going out red-faced after being a scapegoat that pays extra thirty three rupees for every hundred-rupee you spend. You can eschew from the fabric of broad daylight skullduggery by not entering the doorsteps of such seemingly inviting places. If you get value for every rupee you pay, then certainly you can go because there are also places that have done a great deal to add the avenues for a good pastime. At the same time, there are also places that have duplicitous standards for a high price. So, we make a rather wise decision by selecting our rendezvous that wittily utilizes used or old stuff or artistically modifies the atmosphere with very low cost. Sometimes, the uniqueness can have a price but a real bootstrapping business only charges reasonable because they have not invested heavily in the first place.  


5. Eat less whenever possible

As your age goes on adding up, there are chances that you will catch new diseases, mostly chronic ones like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, uric acids, and the lists simply go on. When you don't do what nature has made you for then certainly some problems are bound to arise. For example we have two legs which means we were made to walk, not ride vehicles for all our mileage we accomplish. You don't walk enough, you don't have time to exercise daily, no yoga, nothing. But you don't let your mouth and stomach rest. This new paradox of modern life gets you to irrecoverable sickness and once you get that, you have it for the rest of your life and there is enough time for you to repent. So, food is a poison when you take it more than you actually need and you need even less when you don't have much physical activities. So eating should be just for providing your dietary needs not for binging.  

There are so many more things we can do, write your own below if you have your own.  ​​


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