How to sell a motorbike or a scooter and pass the ownership in Nepal?


If you have a personal motorbike or a scooter and want to sell it, then you are at the right place. This article gives you a clear-cut guide to sell a bike and transfer its ownership to the buyer.

In summary, you can sell your old motorcycle in the following four steps:

1)    Find the potential buyer

2)    Prepare the documents and fix the date to go to Gurjudhara Transport Office

3)    Technical testing of your vehicle (scooter or motorbike)

4)    Payment, official validation and handing over the vehicle to the buyer

Now we are covering each topic in detail.

STEP 1: Find the buyers

First of all, find the current market price of the new motorbike in your model and take your bike to the workshop where you usually go for repair, servicing and maintenance. Tell them to estimate the selling price of your bike. You have to cross-check with other workshops and some expert riders from your friend's circle if the price is right. Once you finalize the price then to find the buyers you have to start the conversation about selling your bike to your friends, relatives, colleagues and workshops. Don't sell your bike in a recondition house because they will severely reduce the price. However, if there are some exchange offers from any motorbike company, then you can try there. Since they are in a mission to sell more and more bikes, there is a chance they can give you a good monetary offer provided you buy the new bike from them.

If you don't find anyone then there is always; don't put the price too high. Otherwise no one will be calling you. You should to a market study and demand of your model in order to finalize the selling price. Someone should call you in a few days or weeks (I sold my motorbike in three days after putting it in Hamrobazar). They might want to see the condition of your bike physically. So have an arrangement to meet and show your bike. Sometimes, the buyer won't entertain on seeing the bike, they just will buy. In that case, finalize the deal price over phone. Anyway, whether the buyer wants to see or not, the deal price should be fixed beforehand because there is always some bargain point on your price and the price of the buyer. Once the deal is fixed, ask the buyer about the payment mode and again finalize the date to officially pass the bike. The expenses that incur during the official process of ownership transfer is generally borne by the buyer so don't forget to mention this thing on your conversation while fixing the deal and avoid unnecessary confusion.

The buyer and seller both will have to go to Gurjudhara ( Satungal) for passing the bike but they should have prepared the essential documents and stuffs beforehand and go there with those prepared documents.

Yatayat Karyalaya Gurjudhara
This is the way to transport office Gurjudhara (to the left when you come from Kalanki)

 STEP 2: Prepare the documents

  A. The seller should have the following documents beforehand:

                   I.            Blue book of your motorcycle - with a tax clearance up to coming Asar (current fiscal year)

                II.            Documents of ownership you got from the previous buyer or from the showroom (ownership transfer documents in Nepali gagaz)

             III.            original citizenship certificate

            IV.            Proof of third party insurance (valid insurance documents)

With the above documents, the seller also should have the motorbike, keys and helmet with him/her.

   B. The buyer should have the following documents beforehand:

                                   I.    Citizenship certificate with one photocopy

                                  II.    Three passport size photos

                                III.   The voucher of ownership transfer fees. You can make that voucher in the premises of Yatayat office by paying Rs. 500.

Passing motorcycle in nepal
People are in queue to pay the money for ownership transfer. You can also see the price list of ownership transfer (Rs. 500)

               IV.   There are many agents along the way. You can purchase a form in Nepali Kagaz for the ownership transfer with a postal ticket for a total of Rs. 25. You have to fill that form by putting your personal details and the details from the buyer as well. Sit together to fill that form. It needs citizenship certificate of both, bill book and insurance documents.


Vehicle Ownership Certificate
This is a new ownership certificate, buy it from any agent with a ticket in it. It will cost you around Rs. 25

Filling the information from blue book
The information from blue book should be filled in

With above documents, the buyer should have already arranged method of payment (cash, cheque, bank transfer, eSewa or online pay). Since s/he is buying the motorbike, he should have a license to drive the vehicle to home. Or else, h/she might ask some friends or relatives who has the license to drive the vehicle to the destination if h/she does not have the license. The driving license is not an official requirement till date.

STEP 3: Technical Testing of the Vehicle

Since engine number and chassis number of any motorbike should be tested before selling, you should go on the ground where motorbikes are kept in a queue for the official checking. Submit the filled form and blue book and they will test your vehicle and verify it.

Technical testing of two wheelers
The two wheelers are in queue waiting for their turns for technical tests

checking the engine and chassis number
They are checking the engine number and chassis number. You should clean the area where number is engraved before hand and facilitate their checking by tilting the vehicle. 

selling motorcycle process
You have to give blue book and just filled-in form in this cottage. They will verify the documents and give you back. Just wait to listen your vehicle number here.

STEP 4: Official Validation

First identify the building and then room for your vehicle lot number

There are building with the vehicles lot number. For example, the lot number of my vehicle was 52. So, I went to the building where the processes for motorbikes with lot number 40 to 65 are done. So, you should identify the building and go to the room where the old books (dhadda) are kept. Though there are many oldbooks arranged in racks, you have to identify the area and search for your bike according to the registration number of your vehicle. Take out the old book where there is your information.

You can see very old registers arranged according to the registration number of the vehicles

Fill the information, in the dhadda, paste the buyers photo, do the signatures and fingerprints where  required. After that, you have to go to the inside room to verify the buyer, seller and their documents.

Take out the one where your vehicle has been registered and fill in the information for the new buyer

Office in the first floor to validate the documents

Officer in the second floor to officially validate the sales of a vehicle

Now, you have to go upstairs where the transaction is officially validated. But before that you should take the payment. The officer on that room will ask you to confirm your identification and ask at what price you are selling the bike and if you got your payment. You both should agree with the transaction and the officer will validate the selling/buying of the vehicle.

Process is finished.

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