Balendra Shah AKA Balen


Balendra Shah AKA Balen

Who is Balen?

Balen is the mayoral candidate for the year 2022 of Kathmandu metropolis in the local level election. He was the rapper and is a well-known civil engineer with a M. Tech degree in Structural Engineering.

Balen Shah Biography
Balen Shah with his election sign - LAURO

Detailed Biography of Balen

Citizenship Name: Balendra Shah

Fame (Rap Stage) Name: Balen, winner of Raw Barz Season II

Profession: Rapper, Engineer, Mayoral Candidate for Kathmandu Metropolis- 2022

Instagram Handle: @balenshah

Contact Number: +977 986-1768896

Email: [email protected]

Father's Name: Dr. Ram Narayan Shah (Ayurvedic Doctor)

Grandfather's Name: Munnilal Shah

Balen's Date of Birth in AD: 27 April 1990

Date of Birth in BS: 2047 Baisakh 14

Age: 32 years as of 2022

Birth place: Nardevi, Kathmandu

Current residence: Gairigaun, Sinamangal (KTM)

Marital Status: Married for the last 4 years

Spouse Name: Sabina Kafle from Morang (married in 2074 Falgun)

Offspring: None till date

Balen Shah Wife Sabina Kafle
Balen Shah with his wife Sabina Kafle

Monthly income of Balen is estimated to be around NPR 90k to 110k.
Balen's Shah Net worth: ~ NPR 55 millions
Balen's Shah Height: 165 cm (5 feet  5 inches).
He has one sibling elder brother whose name is Koushalendra Shah.

Educational Background:

Primary School: Alliance Academy, Kathmandu

High School (SLC + 12 class) : VS Niketan College, Tinkune

Bachelor: White House Institute of Science and Technology, KTM

Master: Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)

Interesting Facts about Balen

  • He believes in Astrology (Jyotish Bigyan). He casted vote just on time at 11:03 am as suggested by an astrologer for good omen.
  • His favorite artists are Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya
  • His best litterateur (sahityakar) is Laxmi Prasad Devkota 
  • He very much likes to be called a Poet than a rapper
  • His electoral sign (chunab chinha) for the local election 2022 is Cane (lauro)

Current Fame

The fame of Balen Shah first comes from the music background that he was involved in for almost a decade. He has altogether more than 25 songs released in the musical market. His first song was, "Sadak Balak." He is particularly known for his rap from the RawBarz rap battle. He is the lyricist, music director and composer. Even though he is the owner and managing director of Balen Consulting and Construction Pvt. Ltd (since August 2017), many people don't know that his educational background is engineering. He studied Bachelor of Engineering (BE-CIVIL) from the White House Institute of Science and Technology. Later on, he pursued his studies to complete M. Tech in Civil - Structural Engineering from one of the South Indian college belonging to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Karnataka. However, he seem to cash his musical fame into the political career by signing on the candidacy for the mayor of Kathmandu on the local election of 13 May 2022.

Balen Shah Married Sabina Kafle
Falgun 2074 BS: Marriage Ceremony of Balendra Shah

Balen has two mothers and they live separately (one in Naradevi and one with him in Sinamangal). He has also worked as the deputy GM of Padma Group of Companies, and has served as the water resources advisor to the president Vidya Devi Bhandari for 3 months. He worked in the construction of settlements in Kavre (Pachkhal), Nagarjun and Nuwakot after the massive earthquake of 2015 AD from ASF Nepal. More, he also worked as an engineer in Platinum Developers Pvt Ltd which he left in June 2018. He also worked in the position of 'Transportation Engineer' in Bajra Guru Constructions in 2015.

Positive Aspects of Balen

There are 50+ candidates for the mayoral position in Kathmandu this time, namely Keshab Sthapit, Srijana Singh, Samikshya Devkota, Suman Sayami, etc,. There are few things about him that make him stand out from the crowd of those candidates:

    ·       Never has a non-political candidate got so much media attention and social media craze. In the previous election, there was Ranju Darshana who was given a good coverage by the mainstream media too but she was not an independent candidate, rather was from Bibeksheel Sajha party. Now Balen is running independently.

    ·      He is a youth iconic leader who has a tremendous support group hailing not only from his musical kingdom but also from the young engineers. This dedicated support group is fueling his movement and is unwavering.

    ·      He never criticizes his opponents. We can see that candidates are constantly scolding, unfairly rebuking, demoralizing and defaming the opponents in Nepalese politics, even Keshab Sthapit and Sunita Dangol has publicly derogated Balen Shah repeatedly. He does not comply with this trend of politics. He always praises his counterparts and tags his deprecator as his own brand ambassadors. When you don't have great ideas and you seem to criticize others to make yourself great. But Balen is an exception.

    ·   Another good thing about him is that he has a clear vision on what he would do if elected. Unlike other candidate he never speaks on whim and is never driven by emotions. For example, he speaks about health, garbage management, education, safe urbanization, traffic management, infrastructure development, cultural preservation, etc,. He always speaks what he knows and what he plans to do on these areas. In different interviews and appearances, he says the same thing time and again. If he has the plan, then it always have to be the same and he perfectly maintains that. Look at the other candidates: they speak what the crowd wants to hear and how loud they will clap. They don't have firm any ideas so they just drift around many ideas i.e. sometimes they tell one thing some other time another thing.

    · He has a panache. He wears similar looking attire with a pair of dark goggles. The goggles are now sold in the market with a tag of 'balen sunglass.' When he marches out in the streets, he never asks for the vote. He smiles, greet with Namaste, sometimes takes selfie and moves ahead. It is not annoying for people when a lot of candidates come and just asks for the votes and all.

Voters Divided

Votes of Kathmandu seem to be divided, especially neutral votes would channel, presumably, to Keshav Sthapit, Balen Shah, Srijana Singh, Suman Sayami and Samikshya Devkota in various ways.

Keshab Sthapit

Mr Sthapit was the mayor of Kathmandu in 2054 BS too i.e. almost 25 years back. He is widely criticized for his move to extend the width of the road by dismantling the houses of Kathmandu. This might largely impact the votes, especially of those who were the real victim. Nonetheless, the CPN UML party supporters will blindly cast him the votes. One thing highly positive about him is his energy even if he is already 60. He sometimes has crazy ideas but at times he also comes up with a few beautiful ideas. He is known for his alacrity to bring about the changes. He is also one of the few advocates of legalization of marijuana in Nepal. One thing highly negative about him is that he was red-flagged by #MeToo movement where he was allegedly name a sexual predator. This news has also surfaced around this time tarnishing his image.

Srijana Singh

Srijana Singh comes out of the kitchen all of the sudden underlining the legacy of late Ganesh Man Singh. She has dodged a lot of public debates with her opponent candidates. This shows a lack of clear vision and confidence on her part. Only plus point for her is that she is a female candidate and luckily she also belongs to Newari ethnic community.

Suman Sayami

Mr Sayami is the heritage campaigner and ethnic right activist working in preserving the Newari guthi culture and is known for the protest against dilapidation of houses in the name of development. He seems to gather few thousands of votes from the pockets of CPN UML and Nepali Congress because he has proven abilities for defending Kathmandu's citizens and is also from the proper Newar Community. Do I have to remind that Caste, Gender and Widowhood cards are very crucial in Nepalese politics? When he cuts back the votes of CPN and NC, then it might be the advantage for Balen and Samikshya Devkota.

If some of the voter list from Kathmandu are not yet convinced to Vote Balen , please watch this interview once. 

Is Balendra Shah from the Madhesi community?

Even though Balendra Shah was born in Naradevi Kathmandu, he belongs to the Madheshi Shah family. He is not from the Thakuri Shah clans like Gyanendra Shah and late Birendra Shah. People from his kinship live in Mahottari District which now belongs to the ward number two of Ekdara rural municipality. His father Ram Narayan Shah came to Kathmandu in early 1980s (40 years back). He studied Ayurveda and got a governmental job in Ayurveda Aushadhalaya. Later he got married in Kathmandu and bore two sons: Kaushalendra Shah (elder) and Balendra Shah (younger). 

Balen Shah Village Home
This is Balen's Shah home in Ekdara Rural Municipality, Mahottari, which is now housing as the ward office of ward number 2.

Why Kathmanduites voted him?

1. He is showing us hope for small but doable changes

2. Look at his marketing skill- He has utilized mass media so optimal to share his vision. Look how famous not only him but his idea have  become in this short period. Isn't this a sign of efficiency?

3. He openly comes in front of people, talks, debates and convinces while other party candidates just carry their party flag, carry speaker and shout "vote k ma yo party ma". Easy way out! 

4. Why would i just vote for your "ghar-dailo" abhiyaan. I want to hear your commitment and how strongly you stand for it. I want to hear you speak, debate and convince.

5. He meets the expert from the sector and gets idea from them to make a realistic impact.

6. He is not only youth but has young ideas and an well educated Engineer and a contractor who knows how development is planned and executed.

7. I am a big fan of Chiribabu Maharjan, and I believe Balen is another copy of him promising small and believable changes. 

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