My Adorable Uncle


Jeewanand Bist AKA Uncle
Jeewanand Bist AKA Uncle

From the very first year I came across this amazing lanky man who, I didn't know at that time, would become THE UNCLE of all, and forever. His name is Jeewanand Bist, but he would like people to simply call him Jeewa. Many people call him with different names: Nestha would call him Jeevs, Dipendra dai would call him Chatu (Jeewa dai blatantly dislikes this term), I would call him Jeebu Kaka, his colleague call him Jibananda, and his juniors me included would call him most commonly Uncle and less commonly Jeewa dai.

Rabindra Adhikary and Jeewanand Bist
Posing with Legendary Uncle on the rooftop of Maharajgunj Medical Campus - Boys Hostel 

In the freshmen year, he was like our guardian and taught us only the most important things in the posting. He admired many books but I had never seen him read one. He was a permanent resident of A7, meaning as much as he stayed in the boys hostel of Maharajgunj he always stayed in 7th room of A-block ground floor. That room was dope. Every legend of optometry resided in that room. Saini dai (Sanjay Marasini), Nabin Dai (Nabin Paudel), Golgi dai (Gopal Bhandari) were Uncle's roommates. They had created a perfect harmony in that room. They have a coiled heater and many times I got a chance to drink tea as a guest. They would collect money from each (except that Golgi dai would not pay a penny) and had an arrangement to cook tea.

A7 Boys Hostel Jeewanand Bist
We can see the books and notebooks in Uncle's bed. He would keep pillow just over those books and sleep. I am sitting in Saini dai's bed.

Jeewa dai slept on a bed that was right at the doorstep. Everybody in that room was studious and I saw them read and make notes. But Jeewa dai seldom read and wrote anything. His favorite book was "Fine Arts of Prescribing Glasses" and he always kept that book beneath his pillow. He showed many people that book and said ' book bhaneko yesto hunu parchha." He very rarely would go to the library. He would read too little and grasp too much. Even when he did read too less, he knew what an optometry student should now according to the level he was in.

Optometry Students of Institute of Medicine
Jeewa Dai always try to pose differently and even today he ask and asks many times to take photos. That means, as a photographer you always have to be prepared to take next photos of him in sequence.

He was neutral in many things when it needed to take sides like political affinity. One time there was an election going on, two of his classmates competed for the post of President in Nepal Optometry Students Society (NOSS). It was he who left the vote blank and there was re-election. He was, however, very passionate about roaming and chilling around. It was a nice experience to have spent many evenings with him roaming and having tasty khaja at Pasa, Taplejung, RC, KD's, Kantiko Oralo and more. We started Dristi Wall Magazine at BPLCOS and he had a significant conceptual contribution and remained an editor for a couple of years.

Jeewanand Bist and Rabindra Adhikary
We just posed outside A7 after finishing posting. I can vividly memorize: his this jacket survived many years in his body.

The best part of Uncle that everybody admits is that he can't think bad of others even if s/he is an enemy. He does not do harm to others even unknowingly. He always keeps his dignity high by paying first and paying more in every meal or snacks. For example, if five people go on a trip, four people would spend Rs 2000 each but one person would have spent Rs. 2700. The latter person is always Uncle. Therefore, he is such a pleasant person to be a friend with. Pay less, enjoy more. LOL.

The farewell ceremony of 7th Batch : It was very sad day to say 'goodbye'. Jeewa dai is sitting in the first row left

He has such a good nice addiction to keep people around him at a table, make them laugh and enjoy his chinwags and fuddle all night. It is always amazing to see him bring anecdotal laughter in a gang. People should learn from him how to live a joyful life because he eases away all the sorrow so easily.

Jeewa Bist
Jeewa 'THE Pillion Rider'

He hates mountaineering too much because he has a morbid fear of heights. He gets frightened even while walking on a hilly road and when on the rooftop of a house. He is a dulcet partner as a pillion rider when we go on a trip because he can crack jokes so easily and instantly that would make you laugh even days later. You will remember what he says. Honesty is his best policy and he never lies. In the time when you must lie to save your ass, he speaks less. He thinks so plainly and he is too gullible at times. He is brilliant at what he must do and he always does it in time. He never cheats in the friendship and his works meaning he does his work honestly what he is assigned to do. Punctuality is his signature behavior. However, he loves procrastination.

Jeewa in his mature look

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Sanjay Marasini said…
‘Jeewa sleeps today’ that was his motto.
That’s what Jeewa did when there was any spare moment.
A great person and a great friend!