How to Get a Driving License in Nepal

This blog answers your question: How to get a driving License in Nepal

Step 1
You should first fill up the online form at
You must fill all the mandatory space.
Download and print the filled form. (If you don’t know how to fill, download and print, you just go to the transport office; there are many agents around there who charge 100 to 200 rupees to do that. But you should go with a copy of citizenship certificate.

Step 2
Go to the transport office on the date specified in the form. Actually, the form has mentioned when to submit the documents. The documents needed when you submit the form are:
         a)      Citizenship (original) and a photocopy
         b)      Nepali Stamp ticket worth Rs. 10
         c)       Blood group card or hospital report card of blood group (photo copy)
         d)      Form (that you printed after online application
      You will also need driving training certificate from any registered driving institutions. However, it's not so strict for the two-wheelers.

Step 3
With the above mentioned documents, you are forwarded to a computer room where the staff will take your photo with a webcam; make you do the digital signature and have a fingerprint (bio-metric). This is the room where you have to show your original citizenship certificate.

Step 4
You have to go to a room for eye examination. For that you will have to pay Rs.40 (It may vary according to the office where you go). They will do the two tests:
        a)      Color Vision Test: they will show you few plates of Ishihara Charts that have a mix of confusing colors to test if your color differentiating capacity is normal or not. Approximately 2 or 3 persons will be defective out of 100. Preponderance is seen in male population. If they are suspicious about your color vision, then they will send you to the eye hospitals for reconfirmation. If you are having color vision defect, legitimately you are not allowed to have a driving license. But, in Nepal everything is possible when you find appropriate channel to pay the money.

Sample numerals of Ishihara Color test
      b)      Vision Test: The actual process of testing the visual acuity is to have a person seated 6 meters across the Snellen’s Visual acuity chart (a chart with English alphabets or E). Two eyes should be tested separately one after another in sufficient room lighting. But, there is no systematic approach in our transport offices. To clear out the crowd, they will test two eyes simultaneously with the candidate standing and the testing distance is seldom 6 meters. The general rule is you should be able to see the letters of the third last row designated as 6/12. But sadly, the people who assess your vision are often not from the relevant technical background (ophthalmic assistant, optometrist or ophthalmologist). So they think that you should be able to read the lowest (bottom) line which is assigned as 6/6. If not, they refer you to eye hospital or clinic and ask you to come after wearing the eye glasses
Vision Testing Snellen's Chart

Step 5
You have to pay Rs. 500 (the fees might change on timely basis, however) amount to the finance section to get a red payment slip and an admit card for written test.
Entrance card sample

Payment slip

Step 6
The written test takes place usually the next day. carry the entrance card when you appear in the exam. Generally, the test is taken in the transport office from 7 AM -9 AM. It is done according to “first-come first-served basis.” In a limited space the candidates might have to wait for hours to take their turn as a single setting will accommodate 20-30 people in a room. They will tell you the trial day after written examination is finished. To know the written examination result you don’t have to pay the agents. Just type “WT<space><application ID>” and send it to 33001. You will know your result. You have application ID number assigned to you after biometric measurements which is written in the admit card. If you fail the test, wait 3 months for another attempt; you are disqualified for another step.

Step 7
It is the trial day when again you have to stay in a long queue waiting for your turn. Failed the trial? Don’t worry you have chance for two more times with the same written slip with in 1 month. Passed? You will get a slip notifying that you are passed. After you pay Rs. 1500 (fees are subject to change as per time) in a few days, then you can drive the vehicle with the slip. Wait for the smart license for few more months. To know if your license is printed send the following SMS to 33001: LC<Space><Application ID>
Go to fetch the printed license after you get 'printed' message through SMS. You should go with a photocopy of the citizenship certificate. If you are sending someone else, have them take your original citizenship certificate as well.

Ok, Wait!
If you are a Non-Nepalese resident (NRN) or a foreigner, then how can you get a driving license in Nepal?
All the processes are same but the documents you need to submit on the day of form submission at road transport office are different, which are:
a) Photocopy of your passport
b) Visa valid at least for the next 6 months
c) a document that clearly mentions the reason of your stay in Nepal - this document should be verified from the local government (ward office of the place where you are staying now).
And one important thing: if you are not Nepali then you should be taking written exams in English language, but for that you should submit separate application of request for the provision on the day of form submission. 


Question: What is the legal age to obtain driving license of a motorcycle in Nepal?
Answer: 16 years old
Question: What is the minimum age to obtain driving license of small vehicle (car, van or jeep) in Nepal?
Answer: 18 years old
Question: What is the age to obtain driving license of middle and big vehicle (minibus, buses, trucks) in Nepal?
Answer: 21 years old
Question: After which age driving license is not given in Nepal? See below
Question: What is the upper age limit to obtain driving license in Nepal?
Previously, the age limit was 60, but now the age barrier has been removed for the motorcycles and cars. That means, age does not prevent for the olds to get driving license for the two-wheelers and small vehicles provided they pass all the regular requirements. However, for middle and big vehicles, the upper age limit is 60. So, if you have crossed 60 years of age, you can't legally drive trucks or buses in Nepal. 

This table shows the available age limit for obtaining driving license in Nepal:


Age limit (years)

Two wheelers

(motorbike, scooter)


Small vehicles

(car, jeep)


Middle and big vehicles

(bus, truck)


Keep in mind that to get the license for middle and big vehicles, you have to get driving license for the small vehicles and apply after at least two years. 

What if a foreigner has an international driving license or permit (IDP)?

If s/he has an IDP, s/he can come to Nepal and start driving the mentioned vehicle STRAIGHT AWAY. Yes, s/he does not have to go through any administrative hassle. IDP equally works in Nepal as in many other countries. 

If you wish to watch the video details about the procedures, you can watch below:(caution: it's in Nepali language)

Video I : Overall Process (A to Z steps)

Video II: Important Things and Frequently Asked Questions

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