Let's Keep Ujjwol Awake

Ujjwol Thapa: Demised on 1st of June 2021 @MediCity

There is no politician as such whom you, as an honest Nepali citizen, would like to give a respect quite truly and earnestly. That is until Ujjwol Thapa appeared in the landscape.

But, Ujjwol, I presume is a great person compared to a regular politician; and which is the correct order of being someone that dares to change the country. Yes, only a morally good person should be a politician. But tragically, in Nepal, there are great leaders but they are less of a person. He, Mr. Thapa, would not have come to the political frontiers and made a presence in the ballot paper if his followers, supporters and well-wishers had not pushed him forward to. Rather than opting for power, he just wanted to create a conscientious watchdog that warns the mainstream politicians to keep them from slipping to wrongdoings. In doing so, social media came handy that can disseminate messages beyond a definite territory. Many said, I was one of them of course, the country can't be changed with a facebook post.

You have to go real hard and penetrate deep into society to bring change. But technology could do it even more efficiently. Bibeksheel Nepali pioneered it, and standing here and now, we can clearly say they brought a change.

I am talking about a hefty change in our mental processing that now can see quite a viable option of a young person becoming our leader. Before that, our leaders could only be those with white beards and wrinkled faces who would submit their candidacy in elections at unmemorable times until they really died. We saw young faces in elections when Bibeksheel came as a political party. They showcased an option to us, inured Nepali citizens, who never thought leaders could be one of the young bloods of society. If young people like Ranju Darshana can be an election candidate, why not one day, they become Prime Minister? And that, if only we want.

Ujjwol and team started from an irony by idolizing the dog. They then made a dog their election sign softly flaunting 'instead of voting dog-like leaders, vote to dog, an animal noted for loyalty, honesty and safety-keeping.' Merged, parted or re-merged with the Sajha party, the bonding motto of Bibeksheel remains unwavering. In the time of Massive Earthquake 2015, they were the first to appear upfront in establishing a help desk and coordinating emergency health rescue team while most of the political parties remained dormant in their cozy safe houses until long. They were the furtive incessant supporters of Dr. Govinda KC's movement without politically tainting Dr. KC's objectives. Many parties including Nepali congress came only to uptake their political leverage that later adversely tainted KC's move.

Let's look at the traditions set by our great political parties. Whenever they had to protest against something they prepared hooligans equipped with rods, stones and bricks to vandalize whatever comes in front or to hit policemen. They blocked roads, forcefully closed the market shutters, disrupted the regular lives of ordinary people, and we still remember quite vividly we witnessed many days of Nepal Banda in a month. Bibeksheel started gandhigiri: they devised their styles of non-violent protest by silent marching on a side-walk and displaying ironic placards. They stood for the causes beyond their personal self and party, and they did it quite creatively. In a time when Nepal Banda  was so hackneyed a phrase we started seeing Nepal Khulla Chha phrase. It is this movement of theirs that changed today's method of demonstration. We even saw Prachanda − we all know he rose to power through means of killing − a few months back silently sitting in Maitighar road with a placard that read "Hami Yaha Chhau." History be scrutinized: that's completely not their way. This is just one example of the repercussions of the Ujjwol Thapa maneuver.   

And still other parties should learn from him that he left vital position (as a coordinator) in the party quite soon (he was just 44 as he died) clearing the ways for a new leadership. Look at these old leaders today, they don't think of giving party chairs to anyone until they die. Shame on them! Learn from him. 

After the untimely demise of Ujjwol thapa, social media is overwhelmed by the condolences. If you really felt sorry for his death and think that the country lost a true political warrior then my advice:

ponder over few things -

in the upcoming election − whether in a few months or years, does not matter − please do not vote a candidate if :

· The candidate asks you money for their electioneering campaign (Don’t give money and a vote)

· You hear him/her take money from any one (people or organization except their own party)

· You see or know him/her distributing money, food, clothes or anything with a monetary values - It's your duty to convince others too!

Ujjwol Thapa's soul will rest in peace only if we dare to change our deep-rooted voting habits, lest it be all a "crocodile's tears" as we update our facebook status. That way we can keep his spirit frolicking alive.

Watch a video that starkly portrays the unchanging political scenario of our country :

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