Tested Positive in a PCR. Is it a Victory?

Recently I seem to notice that a trend is emerging whereby people− well, especially clinicians−  proudly showcase their PCR reports through social media handles. I don't know at what intention they are displaying their personal medical data, but frankly I dislike the idea. If one is sharing their laboratory report owing to the increasing social stigma among health personnel to debunk the suspicion that they might be COVID infected, then it's okay because if it is causing social insecurities then identifying negative might have positive consequences. That means, If you can live happier and easier then it's completely okay to publicly display your report. What if the situation is otherwise?

It's not mandatory to flash the report in public as if it were a treatment and you are already treated. So, don't pretend that it's a victory over the virus.

More often than not, a report display is a maneuver to show that you are better off than others. Unknowingly maybe, you are insinuating that you have access to the most demanded and most popular medical laboratory test of the present world. You are very well aware that not everybody can have them tested with a PCR. They don't know how to enter into the free-testing system. They don't know where it's done. If they know, they can't reach due to prohibitory order and lack of personal vehicle. Common people can only do it if they happen to be dropped off at the hospital gate in an ambulance. It might be a coveted test for them when they suffer from COVID-like symptoms and have significant risk exposure, but still they have no access. Unlike people with the riches they can't afford to pay for the test.  

And in this situation, while it's not completely necessary to test for most people, is not showing your report in public a social boasting of your privilege? If not, then why are people gloriously brandishing a screenshot of a certificate that is not of their academic accomplishments or a professional achievement? They display it like a valedictorian or a lottery winner of a world tour. Show it wherever is needed (workplace or police administration) not in social media. 

In fact displaying the report is simply useless as it expires right at the moment you are exposed to the risk once again. Moreover, you might already have multiple exposures from the point you give samples to the point you get the report. That means there are equal chances that you are a corona-positive at the time they hand you the negative report, let alone the unavoidable false negatives or other errors. If you are a health care provider, then every moment you are running on the blade. Small boo-boo, you slip and you bleed.

If you have a PCR, why be proud? It's just a piece of paper. It's just the certificate that you are not bearing coronavirus only at a time your sample was taken. It does not tell about the status of your body regarding the coronavirus infection after that. It's not mandatory to flash the report in public as if it were a treatment and you are already treated. So, don't pretend that it's a victory over the virus. 

While I am wholly confined inside my home perimeter and don't feel that I ought to opt for the test as of now, I have seen people who are pressured after seeing someone sharing a 'negative' report on social networking sites. So, rarer than not, when you share your lab report you might be naively bestowing anxiety to others who are subscribed to your feed.



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