Google Knows Everything

Google knows everything about you.

Google knows where you have been. To know about the details of your location history click the link below:

Google tracks your overall internet activities in detail. To know your internet activities go to the link below:

Google collects your many information to make the ad profile to show you. To know what information google takes from you for customizing the ads for you click here: 

Google also tracks the records of your apps use. What apps you downloaded, installed and deleted, which apps you use the most and the least, etc. To know yours, click here:

Google also knows which videos you searched in YouTube, which videos you watched and for how long. To know yours:

If a book is written from all the information google has about you, it will exceed 1 million pages. You can also request Goolge to send your information to you from the following link:

Google stores all your usernames and password while logging in different apps, websites or forms if you have used your gmail. You can also see this information by going to passwords and security settings of your Google account.

See a video describing all of these: (in Nepali)

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