Who is Anjana Lama Mahat?

Anjana Lama Mahat is a model who was murdered at the age of 25 by 34-year-old Ujjwol Mahat, her brother-in-law, in the month of May 2019. She was married to Prajjwol Mahat, young brother of Ujjwol Mahat few year back. 

Ujjwol Mahat was a sound engineer and was involved in the making of most popular Suna Saili song. He had declared that he was having problems in his ears and had updated a Facebook status saying he had left his job as an audio engineer few months ago. The murder case caught a significant media limelight when he was taken into custody by the police. The videos relating to this news was all over in the social media through the second week of May. Almost over ten videos were on the YouTube trending list of Nepal. He chopped Anjana’s head off by repeated thrashing with a Nepali Khukuri. His mother, Pushpa Mahat, got shocked in the late noon when she saw her elder son flashing a blood-dripping Khukuri at the doorstep of her room. Pushpa was sleeping and Ujjwol said, “Mom, please call the police. I killed her.”

That day Kamal Bahadur Mahat was off to his office. Prajjwol, her spouse, had gone also gone to the office. Ujjwol did have a normal healthy relationship with all the family members, as was said. Mother Pushpa Mahat told in an interview that Ujjwol was emotionally unstable since the past month. He used to be delusional and suspected that someone was following him from his office to kill him whenever he saw someone looking at him. 

Prajjwol and Anjana were all set to go to Canada and settle down. I have prepared a video that summarizes the murder in less than one and a half minutes. Click below to watch:

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