My Favorite 25 Photographs in One Place

By 25 images, I mean the photographs that are taken in Nepal, or at least supposed to be. Click the photo to enlarge.

25.  Buffalo Banana 
This photo is believed to be shot by Steve McCurry, and when the photo caught attention in the media, many portals asserted that this was of an Afghan girl. Look how a girl perfectly takes shelter in a banana leaf to avoid the rain falling on her body. She controls the buffalo with the stick in her hand. I keep on seeing her faded and frayed red sandal. She walks the easy road making buffalo to have to choose bumps!

24. Green Hilly Terrain
I have found this picture shared in Facebook posts. In fact you keep on seeing this photo time and again in other social media platforms too. In Facebook it is told that this is a picture of a village named Taarmaranga located between Sindhuli and Okhaldhunga District. I don't know whether this place exists. The closer name is Tarangmarang which is one of the villages in Sindhupalchok district to the way to Helambu. But to my knowledge, this scene is nowhere to be found. When I inquired, I am, vaguely though, convinced this might be the hillscape of Vietnam, maybe Mu Cang Chai. It happens to be your duty to explore!

23. Kite Flying 
This photo is taken by Narendra Shrestha and I have taken this photo from '365 days of writing to write'. The photo of the kids flying kite taken at Khokana heralds Dashain festival. The same photojournalist Narendra Shrestha, whose photo story about a small baby during the flood in the southern Nepal was viral in social media and European paper. In the eight-photo photo-story, the father was carrying the corpse of his baby to find soil to get it buried but in the flood there was not any. And he just let the body float away.

22. Holy Book
The actual photographer is not known but this is presumed to be the picture of old book of Ramayana with Bhasa Tika. The upper portion consists of Sanskrit script and lower its transcribed Nepali version. This is very popular image in Pinterest.

21.  Bouddha Stupa
The Boudha Stupa in old days with its surrounding is one of my favorites. This photo was taken in 1967 ( I don't know who took it because I didn't take it at all!). Seeing the extensive agrarian fields, this photograph prompts one to surmise that Kathmandu then was just a patches of scattered settlements.

20. Gosaikunda
Rasuwa is famous for Gosaikunda. During Janai Purnima, many people trek to reach to the height but the idyllic and undisturbed water can be found when no one goes there in the off-season of winter. The picture below shows the replica of hill cap beneath the water.

19. Kathmandu and Langtang
This photo shot at Kathmandu shows not only Langtang mountains up in the backdrop but four separate terrains. The concrete rising of the city, settlement in the hills, upper range of hills and thr snowy mountainous range.

18. TIA
The airport was all open. There used to be crowd of the spectators when plane revs its engine to fly.You can see people enjoying linge ping because this open place was the largest ground of Kathmandu, way bigger than Tudikhel. Such a blithe people with Nangle pasal selling peanuts!!

17. The building at TIA use to be like this:  (This photo was taken just 55 years back!)

16.  Just guess where this photo was taken:

15. World peace Pagoda
The photo, whilst already splendid with the Pagoda, also encompasses the lotus flowers of the adjacent pond. We really find peace, only by looking on it.

14. Durbar Square
I like this photo not due to the heritage buildings. Look how this place is rich in lively birds. After all, pigeons are the birds of peace.

13. The picture shown below shows the typical countryside life. The woman carries the huge load of dried corn plant, probably she has been returning from dairy as she is hanging can and gagri. The little boy is in school dress. This photo was taken by Ahron Leeuw. 

12.  The Rice farming
This is also another debatable photo. But most people say, it is definitely of Nepal. Anil Parajuli has featured this photo in his agricultural blog of agro-tourism. 

11. Oppa Kharpan Style

This is kharpan seller of juju Dhau (the king of Yogurt in Nepal). Look at the 'jagar' of this old man, the mist around shows it is winter. Kharpan has been mainstay of trading tool in Newari Jyapu Culture, such as selling vegetables.

10. New Road Gate
This is the famous place, and I believe the person reading this blog has also gone here many a times. The new road gate, the gateway to now the topmost business hub was like this. Imagine now how much this place is crowded and congested.

9. The Scene of Kritipur
This photograph is of Kirtipur. You name the cameraman. Why this photo looks really beautiful? It is due to the perfect array of three different things: pati covered by a huge tree as the main object, the green terrace of the farms at meters back and skyline of modern housing at far back. This photo combines nature and artifice in a single frame so wonderfully.

10. Car carriers
It is believed that prince Edward of Britain came to take a pleasure visit to Nepal in 1918. That time he roamed around Chitwan national park and mostly Terai. A car was brought from India for his comfort. When he returned back, the car was then carried to Kathmandu from Makwanpur via Thankot.

9. Another photo (even older one) depicts the similar story. That time villagers from Makwanpur were given timely contract to make a successful carry of the cars to Kathmandu.

8. The Ceramic pot
The picture below was featured in the guardian and is one of the photo of the the process where ceramic pot is being made. This type of art can be seen in inner abode of Bhaktapur. In this particular picture the person is molding a Khutrukke, a ceramic pot used by the kids to store coins in order to develop saving habits.

 7. Dolpo: Still untouched by the human contamination
Is not the picture simply mind-blowing? from the stone by the side of the pathway to the cloudy sky, the photo portrays very perfectly the Dolpo region of Nepal.

6. Namche
This is a breathtaking view of a village in the trail of Everest base camp trek. This is one of the few villages that uplifts the glory of Nepal as this lies at the foothill of world's tallest peak Mt. Everest.

5. Lok Sewa Aayog Exam in the days of yore!
 The desks, benches, and classroom were not available easily in all districts that time. This picture was from the exam ground of Lamjung in 1975. Many examinees from this exam played vital role in policy making of Nepal. According to the sources, the invigilator Yagya Psd Gyawali took the photo.

 I have presented twenty one favorite photos of mine. The top four photos are for you. Suggest which one comes first....!!!

4. A Million Dollar Smile
The wonderful smile of this mountain boy is simply amazing. Look at the bliss on his face. Seeing the red-cheek with nonchalant showcasing of teeth, every one's mind is filled with felicity.

3. The Suspension Bridge at Kushma
The suspension bridge located at Kushma, Parbat district, is said to be the tallest (highest) suspension bridge in Nepal. The other end of the bridge has disappeared in the fog as if it leads us up to the heaven.

Photo courtesy: @walker_nepal

2. Prithvi Statute in Pokhara
The wonderful life-sized statue of King Prithvi Narayan Shah that overlooks the scenic landscape of Pokhara valley is also one of its kind photograph. 

Photo Courtesy: @imsubash_nepal

You, as a reader, will complete this article. Suggest the best photo (from Nepal) you have ever seen that should be in the no 1 list. Comment section is below.

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