The Harshad Mehta Story

Harshad (Center) with  Ashwin (Left) and Bhusan (Right) [Scam 1992]

It's a helluva captivating series and there is no spoiler alert here. It is because the assumption is you have already watched it. And if not, you should actually. So bye, bye!- and come back soon after watching. 

I have tried to explain − am I, really? you will know − this dipshit series in 10 headings because the series have got 10 episodes. At least I should not fall short in any way, so I believe.  More to it, that way this article looks a bit appealing too.

Realistic because it was real

When you are along the way in it, you don’t feel that it’s filmed. God, how many old Indians are there who are the perfect actors and it appears that nobody has ever seen them before in screens. They are new and original. From the clerks to the bankers, to the CEOs to the managers and leaders to high officials, they are so real that you don’t ever think there is/was someone else for everybody in real life.

Organic because it is uniquely itself

It’s not a made up story as it really occurred at some point in India. The plots and events are already a known history if you have spared some time reading the book on the eponymous title. Your mouth dries as hell to see the organic smartness of that Gujrati guy called Harshad who lived an active life mostly in 80s and 90s.

Just because it does justice to the book

The TOI financial editor Sucheta Dalal came up with a book based on her findings and articles. The selections of a number of characters to match the ones in the book surely have been so demanding. Once the Hanshal Mehta team selected them, they have done a perfect justice to each character they belong to.

Rousing as story keeps on unfolding so very surreptitiously

The transition between even A and B is so carefully crafted that your eyes remain glued to the screen and your sense would not know this is going to be the start of another isolated event. Holly whistling Christ, I am so in love with that music! Suspense that looms all over once it starts playing is simply inexplicable. It splendidly shows how a middle-income commoner raises to be enthroned into the kingdom of stock market and then money market. At the same time, it charmingly allows us to peep into the fragility of Indian Banking securities. It surprisingly keeps you busy in showing how one single wag can rig the market economy just by exploiting the loopholes, and political connections whenever necessary.

Riveting as it chafes the intrinsic human greed

Everybody in this world wants to be successful and rich. They want money and they want it so bad they are ready to exchange almost everything for it. Only some people are capable of doing it; I mean they earn real money in real life. Jesus, they are like some freaking minting machine. But many of us remain in the cozy sofa of a bedroom to watch their success story many years after it is scripted and filmed. For us it is engrossing because we tend to keep ourselves in their shoes. Whoa wait! Does not that give a sense of peace to your mind when you try to be Harshad Fucking Mehta deep into your fantasy while watching it? Well not towards the end, I mean up to episode 8. So, this story scratches the greed that we, as a human being, have inherently as the important character. We try to satiate that greed, if not in real life, by watching someone else doing what we want but can’t. Besides, money stories are always appealing to the human mind.

Technical as it should be

You know, if you are not into this financial shit or let’s say if you have passed your high school accounting course just by reciting the answers of the previous papers, dang! It’s very painful for you to watch this series. Same thing happened to me. I am like gaping and frowning each time they use jargons like GSL, BR or some bonds, holdings or debentures. Those are just the words for me with a wide dark void of nothingness. So at those times, you just try to scrutinize the subtitles or maybe you should get a time to have a good journey into examining the detailed facial expression of the people in the screen, exploring what is there in the background, spotting who has moles in their face of how big size, and so on. But yeah, it’s always good to know some terms that keep on floating in your real life. Series won’t be teaching you that, it will just make an initial scratch to your mind and you have to dig in the other sources to quench your curiosity.

Inspiring if you are in the market

For a market boy, the series is astoundingly inspiring. You can find the dialogues of motivation every now and then. You can see the courage of the protagonist every next moment. If you have to earn the money then you have to take the risk, and if you have to take the risk why do small jobs? Because risk is for the greater good. It very well inspires to be ambitious and at the same time teaches you not to be so very ambitious that one day in chasing your dream you are again brought all the way to the point where you started.

Touchingly moralistic as it gives lessons after lessons

Money is necessary but is never sufficient. People keep running for the money till the end of their life and along the painstaking excursion happiness is but a myth. Money can buy connections but in the end the very bought-in connections conspire to destroy you. So, always trust the in-born connections. And most importantly, it saves a lot of people or even the whole country if a single person happen to be honest amidst the web of crookedness.

I am too exhausted to come up with two more adjectives. I leave that task to you because I want interactive readers. Let’s see who responds in the comments. TA DA!😑😇

Oh wait a moment the IMDB rating for this series “Scam 1992” is 9.4. If I am the rater or whatever they call people who give a rating, it would be 9.9. The last 0.1 is for yet another series that is to come, well we can hope for that. After all, some series or movies have to get the full marks.

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