School: An Easy Target For Political Parades

A recent viral video of past prime minister of Nepal Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba was sensationalized just to mock him for his superfluous remark to the cadres of Nepali Congress's sister organization NSU in which he has challenged that no one from NSU can be the prime minister of Nepal 3-4 times with such pace like theirs. I see nothing wrong for the authority he should be assuming for his post of the party chairman. But a point he emphasized really bothered me, and in fact it is prevalent from decades.

He directed the NSU cadres to establish a student's union in the rural schools. How pathetic it is to think that a school is a place to parade their dirty politics and to make the innocent poor children the scapegoat of their filthy politics. Not only congress, this should be clearly understood by other political parties that it is due to their corrupted mentality that the standards of government school is deteriorating day by day. They have invaded their political swords in different layers of the community. They have prepared rows of teachers who align to their beliefs, bypassing others who belong to other ideologies. They have a student union or organization of their own. These political parties have destroyed the integrity and peace of a school, and thus depraved students from obtaining quality education.

Do top Leaders like Sher Bahadur Deuba think, sometimes, of the difficulty and problems of schoolboys in one of faraway villages? He or anyone in Kathmandu with a parliamentary seat would think of that boy as one of his cadres, nothing more. The hell with the quality education, students' organization (whether it is from NCP or NC or any other) should be there in every school across the nation and they should be active for the party. Teachers are recruited or posted in a school according to their political affinity, students protest on direction from the central command for a pointless debate that does not affect them whatsoever. Major components of a school are tainted. And what can we expect from a government school since it's long been victimized by the local politics.

School should have been untouched from any kinds of political game play. When students are educated and well informed they can decide for themselves. They can utilize their discretion whether to go for politics or to just remain as a voter later in graduate school. But here, students are already blindfolded to take part in politics from teenage. 

The naïve students are unknowingly forced to immolate their life for a belief they really don't know. And that should be stopped. Period. Because the culture of doing politics should not, as claimed by leaders, be started by jeopardizing children's life. It should be started by sowing discipline, morals and etiquette in them. That's when they would be a good leader should time come.

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