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Vision Club Opinion 

First of all, a very warm greetings to you all.

Second, we would like to thank you all for the overwhelming responses for the betterment of Vision Club's discussion, and more to MyStory posts. We are very thankful to some nice ideas put forth by our juniors, colleagues and seniors from home and away.

We, again, like to mention why we started this club and how we plan to move ahead in the coming days.

There are many optometrists produced since nearly two decades back. The trailblazers have actually established themselves in various ways, someone in academic realm, someone in INGOs, someone in policy level and someone in the business world. Their stories of struggle, determination, failures, bouncing back and success can't be forgotten. Each of them know their own story, we want that they let out their tales now and forth so that the world would HEAR them. It is because we believe that their stories are now not their own. Collectively, they make a history of optometry in Nepal. And where we are now has something to do with that history they made. We mean to set up a mark in records and timeline in the development of optometry from the beginning and from each person until it is complete. That means each one of the viewpoints will equally be fabled. Please note that there might be some misconception about who will be featured in MyStory because we have already started to see some queries. Who is following vision club from the very start might have known that−as we have told it once and again− to be featured on MyStory one does not have to go abroad. Here no one can limit the definition of success on going abroad or doing a PhD or practicing in a foreign land. Success in another hand cannot also be defined on the basis of money only. It's about lighting the dark path so that many people who want to become like the achievers can follow them. We are simply creating a common platform through which to light a beacon, and seeing the beacon lit far away in a lighthouse will come many people, say juniors. The bottom line: it should be a story of hope, optimism that motivates or positively informs the readers. We want to show the options for opportunities or help them develop their own space, recreate scope or more precisely, redefine the horizon for our profession.

The world already is filled with sorrows, frustrations, mournings, and self-reproaches. So, here we talk about hope, success and happiness. Don't we use the principle of light to shine our client's faces? Yes. We use light and we should be bright as light. We cut down the sorrows much like we cut down the darkness with the help of light.

Our seniors from years back have witnessed the time when there were no such words heard as optometry or optometrists. Look now, every people in eye/optical spheres know these words. Every eye hospital has at least an optometrist working. Are not we in the ease now? Was not there more struggle? Does not a news of one of the members of our fraternity discovering a novel theory or concept incite a smile upon our face? That is what we are meaning to say. We need to be familiar between ourselves. We all should be connected through a strong thread of knowing each other on what we do and how we do it.

Every profession passes through an abysmal phase where there is only pitch-black darkness. But when we look up, there is sun shining in all glory and all brightness. So, for those who are constantly in remorse for having been to this profession, I want them to look up, not down or sideways. And when you see the sunshine, please don't stay at rest. The only thing that the human beings are born for is the struggle. Struggle has its perks. It always lets you learn to do more. And since Nepal is still a virgin land, we can explore more and more scopes of optometry that no one has done before. We only are sowed with the parochial concepts that only celebrated thing that you do after graduation is get a job in a hospital and settle down. That's where all the pain lies. All optometrists can't get jobs in hospitals. Is not it the high time that we got ahead to peek out of the windows where there are opportunities galore?   

Let it be known: we use exactly those gateway stories of peeking out of the windows and striding afar. Stay Tuned. Stay Hopeful. 

And if you wish your story to be heard, email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

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