The Jassita Gurung #ItsMyShow Controversy


Oshin, Swostima and Samragyee It's My Show
The Screenshot of Jassita Gurung Post of Instagram

The social media sensation skyrocketed after Jassita Gurung with her Insta handle @jassitaaa posted in the instagram post on June 24, 2024. The Post was like this:

I had to speak about this. I never understand why people have to talk about someone’s personal life on national television when they don’t even know them well personally. I am deeply saddened by these people after watching this interview. Are we truly against women bringing another woman down? I have no personal issues with any of them. Since the beginning, I have held them in high regard and admiration as an actors and host. Do you even comprehend what you’re saying and how many lives will be affected by your actions?
Are you aware of what I have been through in my past? Don’t you think my family will be watching your interviews and news? What kind of example are you setting for the community as a woman? What is the reason for defaming and discussing someone’s personal lives in public? 
@oshinsitaula @swastimakhadka @kantipurtvhd and obviously after this she has blocked me Samragyee

Jassita's reaction came in the wake of the June 24, 2024, episode of "It's My Show" on Kantipur TV. During the show's Rapid Fire segment, at the 42-minute 40-second mark, host Oshin Sitaula asked, "Name the actress who was dating Dhiraj Magar and is now with Jerry’s Anmol KC." Swastima buzzed in and answered, "Jassita." Samragyee then quipped, "Pradeep, Dhiraj, and Anmol," implying that Jassita dated all three men in that order. Samragyee is also found to say, "I love trouble".  (Refer videoclip at last)

In the post, Anmol KC’s comment appears at the top where he says:

"I would like to request the respected ladies to please focus on real character then just focusing on reel characters."

Anmol KC is dating Jassita Gurung

Indubitably, Anmol's remark appears to be a witty cover-up for his putative affairs with Jassita. 

While, from the Jassita's post above it is not difficult to know that Samragyee has already blocked her in the Instagram, Swastima, on the other hand, has apologized via a comment:

I’m really sorry for hurting your feelings @jassitaaa . It was a fun show and came out very impulsively. You have always been a great friend to me and again Really sorry for all that I’ve put you through.

Swostima Khadka apoligizes Jassita

The legacy of Suraj Singh Thakuri, who initiated and drove the show, seems to be marred with the new host, Oshin Sitaula. It is his public proclamation:

It's My Show -Suraj Singh Thakuri
Instagram post of Suraj Singh Thakuri where he clarifies he is no longer associated with "It's My Show" anymore, of which he was the first and ex-host.

While such gossip might be common among girls in private, it is inappropriate for a television show. Therefore, the show's question format should be revised to avoid prying into the lives of people not present on the show.

After all this, I know you desperately want to see the video. Here is the video clip of the relevant timestamp. 

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