Who is Anjana Lama Mahat?

Anjana Lama Mahat Murder Case
Anjana Lama Mahat: A Gorgeous Nepali Model
Top Right: posing with her husband

Anjana: A Tragic Tale of Beauty and Brutality
Anjana Lama Mahat is a Nepali model who was murdered at the age of 25 by 34-year-old Ujjwol Mahat, her brother-in-law, in the month of May 2019. She was married to Prajjwol Mahat, young brother of Ujjwol Mahat, a few years back. Born and raised in Nepal, Anjana pursued her dreams of becoming a model and made significant strides in her career, captivating audiences with her beauty and grace. She was known not only for her striking looks but also for her charismatic presence and dedication to her work.

Descended from Tamang (Mongol) ethnicity, Anjana Lama, had married a man from a higher caste Chhetri (Mahat) family. Hence is her name Anjana Lama Mahat, the first surname denotes his paternal origin while the later one denotes the surname from in-laws. As per one celebrity magazine Kathmandu Craze, her dream was to become a successful fashion designer. She also did some ramp shows. 

Model Anjana Lama Mahat
Anjana Lama Mahat in a photoshoot in Kathmandu in February 2019

The Crime
Anjana's life, however, took a tragic turn when she became a victim of a brutal crime that shocked the nation. In a horrific incident, Anjana was murdered by her brother-in-law, an act of violence that left her family and the entire Nepali modeling community in deep sorrow. At the time of her murder, she was living with her husband's joint family in Lalitpur.

Ujjwol Mahat, the perpetrator of this murder case, was a sound engineer and was involved in the making of one of the most popular Nepali songs "Suna Saili". He had declared that he was having problems in his ears and had updated a Facebook status saying he had left his job as an audio engineer a few months ago. 

The murder case caught a significant media limelight all of a sudden when he was taken into custody by the police. The videos relating to this news was all over in the social media through the second week of May. Almost over ten videos were on the YouTube trending list of Nepal. He chopped Anjana’s head off by repeated thrashing with a Nepali Khukuri. His mother, Pushpa Mahat, got shocked in the late noon when she saw her elder son flashing a blood-dripping Khukuri at the doorstep of her room. Pushpa was sleeping when Ujjwol yelled, “Mom, please call the police. I killed her.” As she woke up, she saw her son had one finger amputated and bleeding. 

That day Kamal Bahadur Mahat, Ujjwol's father, was off to his office. Prajjwol, Anjana's spouse, had also gone to the office. Ujjwol did have a normal healthy relationship with all the family members, as was said. Mother Pushpa Mahat told in an interview that Ujjwol was emotionally unstable since the past month. He used to be delusional that he said someone was following him from his office to kill him whenever he saw someone looking at him. She also insinuated in the same interview that Ujjwol was under medication for some mental conditions.

Prajjwol and Anjana were all set to go to Canada and settle down. Unfortunately, fate had something else to offer them. The story of Anjana Lama Mahat is a poignant example of the intersecting themes of ambition, glamor, and the darker realities of domestic life. Her murder by her brother-in-law stands as a stark reminder of the pervasive issue of mental illnesses that go largely unaddressed and the critical need for awareness, prevention, and support mechanisms to protect individuals from such tragic outcomes. 

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