Country In The Grip of Businessmen

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Democracy came in Nepal; but for mafias, high-profile businessmen and leaders. At least so it seems. We vote to select leaders who go to the parliament to make laws and form a government that appropriately rules the country. This is the system we fought for and many aspiring citizens became martyrs to establish this very system. But time and again, we are betrayed. We are betrayed by those leaders who we believed could bring changes; many of them are nothing but pawns of real playmakers skulking in the background. And we are betrayed more by the leeway of thugs, looters, brokers, moneygrubbers, cheaters, corrupts, sycophants, tax-evaders and goons that is forming an organized nexus immune to the law, impermeable to the police surveillance and invisible to the public scrutiny. 

It is so disheartening to realize that rendezvous for top-talks of political parties that carries national significance are nowhere but the private homes of businessmen, hotels of money-makers, resort of vested groups, and suchlike. They offer food, accommodation and transportation gratis for the leaders. Political parties run at the cash of unspoken businesses. You can't pay a visit to the Prime Minister (well other ministers too!) as a patriot and for a good reason. Come to people like Basuruddin Ansari and it only takes a phone dial to meet the PM in his residence. Even the government can't decide clearly what it is going to do. The big players are on the outside. Beyond borders. There is a big influence on every next move the government makes from outside but which again is further tainted by the interests of key players from Nepali business cult. Then we expect something good from the leaders in the government but in reality they are the victims of unseen pressures from the elite group that owns permanent power owing to their ready-to-help stash.

The serving tenure of leaders passes away fulfilling first the interests of international superpowers, then the wants of moneygrubbers who helped them in electioneering, then the demands of party factions, and then the greed of family and relatives. They are human and their life rotates in this vicious circle of soothing, smoothening, pacifying, assuaging and harmonizing others. Poor them! People seek faces to blame everything then there are leaders you see every day in the prints and screens. Things go wrong, we curse leaders and we can't bother to give a second-thought that the real culprits are those who are constantly manipulating these incapacitated leaders.  

         What wonder has Durga Prasai 

done to the people in power ?

Yet again, we are inured to face tragedies in medical education here. People who have a lot of money, nowadays, are reluctant to invest in industries. They have seen hospitals as the money-spinner and the government (not only the current government but also the ones before this) is promoting such investments. What on top is these hospitals primarily opened for profit than service are on the short-run queuing for affiliations to become teaching institutions. Many already succeeded. Many remained but I have a hunch they too will be given permission soon. It is because the people in power inside the parliament and in the business balcony all have vested ventures in those hospitals.

To pinpoint one, B&C Hospital and Research Center, Birtamode, is arousing attention all over again. In a country unobtrusively arrested by plutocratic claws it will be no surprise if the near future witnesses a day the government approves it for the student enrollment. Bitterly, the Durga Prasai clout spreads so strongly from local to provincial to federal government that no one can openly deny and dismiss the requisition; and to add more, PM KP Oli himself inclines to the interests of Durga Prasai, the owner of B& C. Everybody has to pay their debt back in this very life.

The fangs of the profit-rapacious businessman have already started to poison BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) that aims to wipe out the competitor in the Eastern Nepal which has been providing health services gloriously for decades. The leverage of BPKIHS disappearing from the scene will be due all to the mission of Durga Prasai with a wider catchment area and a chance to prove worthy for university affiliation standing as a resourceful hospital standing alone in the east.

To a great rumination, what wonder has Durga Prasai done to the people in power that today they are by fair means or foul bootstrapping him to get the goddamned approval? And are we Nepalese so ill-fated that in no day we find a leader who stands all on his own foot with broad-wide chest ? And who abides by his own rule with nothing to give in return except good deeds?    


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