How to get a Marriage Certificate in Nepal?


Marriage registration marriage certificate
A model of Marriage Certificate Nepal

Here are the steps to get certified of your marriage in Nepal:

     1.    First step is to gather the following documents in hand:

a)    Photocopies (Xerox copies) of citizenships as follows

Groom’s  Citizenship Certificate

Bride’s Citizenship Certificate

His father’s citizenship certificate

Her Father’s citizenship Certificate

His mother’s citizenship certificate

Her mother’s citizenship certificate


b)   Passport sized photographs

2 copies of recent passport sized photographs of the groom (behula)

2 copies of recent passport sized photographs of bride (behuli)


    2.    Second step is: go to the ward office of (rural) municipality where the groom (behula) has the permanent residence. In other words, it is the name of the ward written in the citizenship card of the groom, if he has not migrated from that permanent address.

    3.    Third step is: the registrar [the person assigned to the registration (panjikaran) of vital data] at the ward office will fill up the information from the above submitted documents in specific computer software. However, you have to provide two more information

a)    The date of marriage

b)   Type of marriage, for example: court marriage or social marriage

     4.    Fourth step: The computer then will give you a print-out where the groom and the bride have to sign (fingerprint)

     5.    They will now issue a marriage certificate (the same day you apply)


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