Slipped Cup of Tea!

Literal Explanation:
My heart moved and my eyes are restless because they are staring at a glass cup that has just slipped off from my hand and is plummeting down carrying a warm remembrance of a sip of tea until it will shatter into pieces on the floor.

Allegorical Explanation:

We can, as well take it as pronouncing an extended metaphorical meaning. While it can be applied to many circumstances, one probable instance is that of a person who falls in love but now his/her love is being snitched out from him.

Let's take an example of a boy who shares an amorous relationship with a girl. They deeply fell for each other but fate has it that the girl is about to marry another guy.  So, the ongoing event described above, and in the photo, is perfectly representing the situation of our guy. Here is how.

Let me elaborate and in this case let me suppose the glass as an emblem to the girl. I am not objectifying; I am interpreting the allegory.

A glass cup, filled with tea. The girl is so pure and innocent that you can see what's inside of her, that is to say, as we can see the tea inside the glass cup we can similarly know how the girl is inside and out. Tea, in a sense, can describe the youthfulness which is clearly over-pouring in the girl same as the tea which is replete in the glass.

The guy sips tea from the edge of the glass cup. This implicitly describe the phase of a relationship. While human relationship develops in many layers, this relation of a man's lips and the edge of the glass cup involves kissing--or simply touching?-- and exchange of fluids, I mean tea.  

Now comes the climax. The relationship is over. Some other guy comes in the scene and snatches the girl. Or maybe, the guy falls for another girl but let's stick to the first case scenario for now. And in many instances, the relationship just fades away even if another person does not come in the scene. So, whatever might be the cause, let's ignore that, the girl is going apart from the touch. A glass cup is slipping off the hand of the guy.

The edge of the glass cup is still warm of the touch of the lips. The warmth is the remembrance of the lips for the glass. When the girl goes away, will not there be some warmness of reminiscences in her? You can describe the warmness in many terms like: pain, care, disturbed or heartbroken or maybe happy, relieved, escaped, free. 

Now for the guy the girl will be gone forever. The glass cup has departed the journey to thumb hardly on the floor. The guy just stares down as the glass falls until it's shattered to pieces. And that's that.  


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