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Yangtaru Sekuwa Corner: The main dining section


As is said 'yangtaru yangtaru quack!'

we quacked it, today.

The plan was on the cooking for a long time. For weeks, perhaps. There were reasons this and that, and that's why the plan we made ended of failing, each time. Until this one last time.

What a coincidence! Or, in a way, we wanted it the way like it went. Besides, savoring a special day with different ambiance and a taste gives you a hitch. The hitch of memory. Today's was Asmita's Birthday, and there were no classes. Oh! Thank you Asmita, and Rama too, for the delicious Kitkat. 

The alley between the outdoor diners

A perfect hot day to chill with usual favorites : the seven Samurai (Asmita, Birendra-who came late as he had to attend some important/special classes, Jeewa Uncle, Sameer, Sandeep, Rama, Rabindra) plus Rupesh sir. We had a small window of 1 hour break time. That would be using a heck of time utilization skill --traverse through the busy traffic of  Gaushala-Chabahil, entwine yourself in the gush of dirt, dust and exhaust, order the menu and wait for usual restaurant hours, eat and then return from the same frustrating road replete with potholes and undisciplined fellow riders and road-crossers. Nothing new but we were stuck  in the snarl-up. Accelerators released, clutches pressed, gears down, brakes thumped, there were formidable jerks and bumps until we reached Yangtaru.

Yangtaru is a relatively peaceful restro located at Saraswatinagar, Chabahil; just beside Dhobikhola. From the road at the front of Gopi Krishna Cinemas, go straight up along Dhobikhola corridor road until you get to a roundabout in a bit to Yangtaru. It's illustrated in the map:

It was on Sandeep's recommendation that for the first time we thought about coming here one day.

Talking about Sekuwa: the Bajeko Sekuwa was a fiasco. The one we tasted at Sukute Beach was way too scrumptious as, we think, it consisted all the essence an ideal chicken sekuwa should have: the juicy-burnt tingle at tongue with bulk of fresh flesh fumed in the smell of everlasting soot.

Pork as good as it gets

"Yangtaru is one level up for Sekuwa." Uttered Sandeep in a guffaw while having tea. The statement was for the pork. First we thought of going with interns and others on a Friday but unfortunately we had to flee to Pokhara for some University works. The plan floated away as they say plans are made only to fail.

There is no plan is the greatest plan of life and it's joyful even. Twists and turns come unbeknownst and unwelcome. There are surprises and that's the excitement and adventure that enrich human's life every next inch they move ahead. So casually, when we were taking lunch at Pashupati Dhawa, one of us opined, 'let's go one day to Yangtaru'.

The next day so said was Today. We are seated around a long table awaiting the arrivals of our order, sipping the plane water in a glass. Here comes the pork sekuwa, and comes the chana chatpat, and comes the chicken sekuwa, and comes the momos and comes the sadheko peanuts, blah blah blah.

Tongue-tingling Chana Chatpat at Yangtaru

The unique idea here that I have never found anywhere was the price of sekuwa was not according to the plates you eat. You just have to order how many kilograms of meat you want to have and they will make a sekuwa out of that. A kilo of pork or chicken cost Rs. 800 and that of mutton cost Rs. 1700. I didn't like the taste and texture of swampy and squelchy pork but Chicken sekuwa do deserve applauds. We fed our stomach reasonably well for Rs. 300 each. Byline: Not so expensive for the taste you get here. 

My Rating at Google: 3.5/5

Left to right: Rupesh Poudel and Sandeep Kandel

Left to Right: Myself, Sameer and Prof. Uncle

Conflict of Interest : None. Financial Disclosure: None (it's a pure review done independently)
Want to call for a booking or inquiry? Call at:  01-4812110 (Yangtaru)

Article: Yangtaru Sekwa Corner, Saraswoti Nagar Chabahil.

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